How to Quit Smoking During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you must have full knowledge about the things that can either improve or damage your pregnancy.  Smoking  during pregnancy is not good for your  your baby because a cigarette has chemicals like carbon monoxide which might reduce the growth of the baby in the womb.    Therefore, this is the reason why we have decided to give you some tips to quit smoking during pregnancy.

You Should Get Ready

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, then you must be willing to quit smoking. If you are already pregnant, then you should quickly quit smoking.  Moreover, if you are finding it difficult to quit on your own, you can as well consult your doctor to help you stop smoking.


why you should quit smoking during pregnancy
why you should quit smoking during pregnancy

You Have to Make a Plan for Quitting

You must decide the times that are hardest for you. Make a plan of how to handle your smoking behavior. You must be able to avoid the things that make you want to smoke, for example,  try to find ways to reduce stress whilst quitting.

You can then reduce your stress by offering yourself some form of entertainment like playing online casinos on your mobile phone listening to music, watching movies, and also sleeping.

Reminding Yourself Why You’re Quitting

If you remind yourself why you are quitting, you will find out that you and your baby would be free from the effect of cigarettes. You must be able to tell yourself that you are doing a good job of quitting. You can also write yourself a message of encouragement and put it somewhere in your house so that when you look at it every day, you will know why you’re quitting smoking.

Change Your Routine

It is a good idea to change your routine to avoid your smoking moments. For example, if you used to having a cigarette at home  after eating your breakfast, you should then change the place and time you eat your breakfast.

You Get Rid of the Smell In Your Home

Furthermore, make sure you get rid of the smoke in your house to avoid temptations of smoking.  You must take the time to wash all your clothes, washing your blankets, and also washing your walls.

Discuss Your Options With Your Doctor

In addition, you must discuss with your doctor your reasons to quit smoking. Your doctor will then guide and support you on the things you must do if you quit smoking.

In conclusion, if you quit smoking, you’ll feel better throughout your pregnancy. When you quit, you will feel better and learn how to maintain a good health. Doing this will let you breathe more easily, gives you more energy, and improves your smell and taste.